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Sharif Jewelers


Roseville, CA


Sharif Jewelers Roseville is the flagship store for the Sharif brand and family. This project represents the culmination of the family’s longstanding legacy as jewelers through 6 generations. The site includes 2 buildings:

Building one is the flagship showroom consisting of 5952 square feet including mezzanine level. Building two is a single story 1850 square foot office/retail structure. The building form and materials utilized pays tribute to the Sharif’s legacy and future as a family of jewelers. The building mass borrows its form from jewelry box holding precious gem. There 3 buttresses abutting the building’s Southwest elevation signifying the family’s past, present and future. The building is wrapped with metal composite panels to celebrate the basic element in goldsmithing (metals); vast glazing at the storefront to enhance the metal through transparence and clarity in the similar ways the gems articulate and enhance jewelry. The feel of the space is that of museum quality with natural luminosity showering the gems.

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